Purchase & Shipment Policy


Completion of the online order forms is deemed acceptance of the invoice and all terms and conditions stated therein. Somewhere Along The Way hereby waives any and all liability arising out of the purchase of online products. Purchases shall be shipped through FedEx, UPS, USPS, or a third-party shipping company unaffiliated with Somewhere Along The Way. Customer is solely responsible for all packaging, shipping, delivery charges, taxes and fees associated with any and all purchases. Within forty-eight hours of purchase, a customer service representative will contact Customer to review shipping options and quote prices to create a custom plan tailored to your individual shipping needs. Somewhere Along The Way is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items shipped through the third-party shipping company. Customer is solely responsible for insuring any purchase, at his or her own discretion, from the moment the purchase leaves Somewhere Along The Way’s possession and/or control. Somewhere Along The Way shall not be held liable or responsible for any shipping delays. All delivery times stated on the Website are for information purposes only and are solely used as a best-estimate of expected shipment time. Delivery times vary based upon production needs, additional production requirements and product availability and are subject to change in Somewhere Along The Way’s sole discretion. Somewhere Along The Way will charge a sales tax, totaling 6.0% of any purchase, for any and all purchases shipped within State of Florida. For purchases shipped outside of the United States of America, import taxes may apply. Customer is solely responsible for any and all taxes other than aforementioned State of Florida sales tax.