Return Policy


Customer is entitled to reject any purchase upon receipt if there is a material error by Somewhere Along The Way or the product is delivered damaged or defective. Any purchase that Customer is entitled to reject may be returned and refunded provided Customer follows the return policy procedure as set forth herein. Within seven (7) days of the delivery of Customer’s purchase, Customer must notify Somewhere Along The Way, via e-mail, that the product was delivered damaged or defective and that Customer intends to return purchase. The purchase must be shipped back to Somewhere Along The Way within fourteen (14) days for any return to be deemed valid. Upon Customer’s email request, photographic proof of damage and Somewhere Along The Way’s receipt of the product, within the allotted fourteen (14) day time period, Somewhere Along The Way will review and inspect the product and, at its sole discretion, determine if the Customer’s rejection of delivery was valid and if a refund is due to Customer. Upon Somewhere Along The Way’s determination that a refund is due, Customer shall receive a refund of the full purchase price, including the delivery fees and all reasonable delivery charges arising out of the return of the product, provided that Customer encloses a valid receipt indicating the shipping costs associated with the return. Customer will receive an email notification when their return is received and processed. If and only if Somewhere Along The Way, at its sole discretion determines that a rejection was valid and a refund is due to Customer, Somewhere Along The Way shall process the applicable refund within thirty (30) days of receipt of the returned product.

Returns will ONLY be accepted if shipped back via the same company used to ship to the customer, direct signature required, and/or personal delivery to Somewhere Along The Way. In the event a return is shipped by any other means, Somewhere Along The Way reserves the right to reject the shipment and the Customer’s attempt at returning the product. Somewhere Along The Way shall not be held liable or responsible for any returns until they are received and the package has been signed for by a Somewhere Along The Way employee or agent. Returns must be packaged in the original packing materials and properly protected for the return to be deemed valid. Failure to properly package the product will result in additional damage and shall void any attempt of Customer to receive a refund.